Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Comfort Clothing

I have always been the person to appreciate the change of seasons, especially when it comes to fashion. I’ve always considered it a great fun to be able to go from styling the light, flow-y summer dresses to knitted tops and chunky sweater. This winter, however, has changed my perception and made it incredibly difficult to stay on top of the fashion trends. As much as I have tried to disregard the freezing cold and the grayness of the days, with every occurring snowstorm it becomes more and more difficult to wear cute, trendy outfits and heels while trying to stay alive as you fight the frost bites and walk through the slippery streets of the city. These days it has all been about comfort and, as exciting and, well, comforting as ‘comfort clothing’ may sound to the majority of people, I am actually not a big fan of such approach to dressing and would much rather prefer to try new trends and take fashion risks. Unfortunately, we have no power against mother nature; therefore, all that’s left to do is wait and hope that this winter madness is over sooner rather than later (and I hope much sooner). 


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