Saturday, January 25, 2014

Starting Point

You're never too old to start from scratch.. Instead of running blindly in all direction trying to figure your life out, at some point just stop and go back to the beginning to start building yourself up again. An important thing is find that 'beginning'. Think back - when did things start going south? When did you start running from something and towards something? That should probably be your starting point. It won't come to you in an instant, it may take days, months or maybe even years to figure out, but don't give up because the more you wait and 'pretend' that everything is going to change, the further you get from eliminating  your internal distress. Put everything in perspective: what will you gain if you change the situation? What will you gain if you change your attitude towards the situation? Which option offers more potential rewards and which one poses more potential threats? If all this thinking is giving you a headache then just go with your gut. It never really worked for me, but at the same time I never really tried as I prefer more of a reasonable, well-thought-through approach. But to each its own, so go ahead and do what's right for you.

Jacket: via Strawberry; Turtleneck: via Bolton's; Boots: Guess

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