Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Year of Me and You

We never know what’s ahead of us. There is no way to predict what’s coming our way. But do we really want to know? It’s funny how human mind always tries to uncover some truths, to figure out what’s right or wrong, to look for signs and symbols. Among all this decoding and interpretation, how many times do we forget to focus on the most important thing in our lives – on enjoying every day, every second, every moment. It’s never a good idea to keep guessing and planning because things rarely turn out the way we anticipate. I don’t know about you, but in my case it’s not even a 50/50 scenario – I almost never get what I plan for and always end up surprised by the life’s events. The less I try – the closer I get to what is good and right for me. Now try to explain that…

No matter how sporadic our lives are, I have noticed that life is constructed of various stages. Each stage of the way carries a new meaning, a new lesson and a new reward at the end. Even a ‘failed’ stage is completed with a gift of a new lesson learned, a key to the next stage, and what can be more rewarding than that?

I don’t know why but I want to, and do, believe that the next stage of my life – the next year – will be a year of big changes. I want to focus on the fact that something good is coming. That is my New Year’s resolution – to make this year all about myself, to enjoy each and every day and make decisions based on what I want.

I recommend you do the same. So let’s make a promise to each other – let’s promise that we will try to be happy, to feel good about ourselves and to focus on the positive in our lives. Life is short and there is no time for criticism, disapproval and negativity. Let’s enter the New Year with new determination for the comfort in our lives and love in our hearts. I wish everyone a very happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014, Loves!!!

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