Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Every day we make thousands and thousands of decisions. Every step of the way we are faced with having to make choices. Some of our choices come easily, some require additional time and thought. Sometimes our decisions make us happy, sometimes they leave us wondering “What if?” No matter what the outcome, treat every decision as the right one. Whether you get what you want, or you simply learn something new – there is always a benefit and we should be grateful for it.

Remember, there is always a choice to either focus on what’s missing in your life or to be grateful for what you have. There is always a positive counterpart for each negative thought. It is simply a matter of making the decision to focus on one or another. I know it is another one of those easy-to-say-hard-to-do things, but it is possible. At the end of the day you are the master of your decisions; so make a choice to do something that makes you happy, like I am doing now, by writing this post with my outfit from today included.

Sweater: via T.J.Maxx;  Pants: LOFT;  Top: Express;  Boots: Alfani;  Necklace: NY & Company

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