Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Family. How can one describe this inarguably most dynamic union... There is a whole array of feelings at any given moment: we feel limitless love for each other, we feel like we need a break from each other, we depend on each other, we get mad at each other, we feel each other's pain and we try to make each other a better person. No matter what your family is like, remember that they are the people who have, do and always will love you; they are the people who will be by your side when you most need it, the people who you can count on during any situation life throws you in and the people you can trust and share your deepest, craziest secrets and ideas. At least that is how my family is and I am infinitely grateful for that!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! May your families always stay strong, united, happy and joyful! Have a beautiful holiday!

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