Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bad Day

For those of you who may not know me, just wanted to provide some clarification. If I complain to you about a bad day, all I want you to do is to listen, let me get it out and say that you agree with me at how unfair it is (even though we both know that life is pretty much always fair; no matter how upsetting the events of that day are – I probably deserved it). There is no need of telling me what to do. I typically know what to do (if I didn’t specifically ask for an advice). Do I know best? Of course, not! But guess what – you probably don’t either. No one really does – life just goes on and we learn things and realize things as we go. So just bear with me – I’ll figure it out.

I do want to thank you for standing by my side and believing in me when even I don’t believe in my own self. Knowing that – that you care for me and try to defend me – makes me stronger and encourages me to move on. This is a huge job to do and I truly appreciate it! J

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