Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Wake up in the morning, say: "This is going to be a wonderful day!" Just say it out loud.
Look into your bathroom mirror and say "Good morning" to the sleepy reflection. Just say it.
Clean your face, tidy up your hair, put on the outfit you prepared last night (saves a lot of time!) – you're ready for the beautiful day ahead. 

We’ve all heard that making such ‘make-believe’ statements, regardless of whether you actually feel that the day will be wonderful or the morning is good, are a great practice to fight the occasional blues. So give it a try. I will, too, one of these days. As for now, I am making my day better with this pretty outfit, celebrating the last days of summer. No words necessary.

Pants: H&M;  Top: via Bolton's;  Earrings: NY & Company;  Shoes: Guess

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