Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Ties

There comes a point in time, sometimes, where you find yourself wondering "Is this really right for me? Is this who I am?" There are numerous factors in our lives that affect the way we think, act, live our lives.
Sometimes a nice weekend back home with your family can remind you of who you truly are, can help you get back on track and can provide support you so strongly needed.
No matter how important your work, your interests, your friends are to you, always remember that your family is sacred! Don't lose your family ties; remember, they may disagree but only because they care…

Sweat Suit: Tommy Hilfiger;  Top: Gap; Sneakers: Adidas

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bad Day

For those of you who may not know me, just wanted to provide some clarification. If I complain to you about a bad day, all I want you to do is to listen, let me get it out and say that you agree with me at how unfair it is (even though we both know that life is pretty much always fair; no matter how upsetting the events of that day are – I probably deserved it). There is no need of telling me what to do. I typically know what to do (if I didn’t specifically ask for an advice). Do I know best? Of course, not! But guess what – you probably don’t either. No one really does – life just goes on and we learn things and realize things as we go. So just bear with me – I’ll figure it out.

I do want to thank you for standing by my side and believing in me when even I don’t believe in my own self. Knowing that – that you care for me and try to defend me – makes me stronger and encourages me to move on. This is a huge job to do and I truly appreciate it! J

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Wake up in the morning, say: "This is going to be a wonderful day!" Just say it out loud.
Look into your bathroom mirror and say "Good morning" to the sleepy reflection. Just say it.
Clean your face, tidy up your hair, put on the outfit you prepared last night (saves a lot of time!) – you're ready for the beautiful day ahead. 

We’ve all heard that making such ‘make-believe’ statements, regardless of whether you actually feel that the day will be wonderful or the morning is good, are a great practice to fight the occasional blues. So give it a try. I will, too, one of these days. As for now, I am making my day better with this pretty outfit, celebrating the last days of summer. No words necessary.

Pants: H&M;  Top: via Bolton's;  Earrings: NY & Company;  Shoes: Guess

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have a Lovely Day!

I was browsing through the Internet last night and came across this amazing blog with thousands of great ideas and really inspiring posts. One of the ideas that really caught my attention was the 'Motivational Monday' post, a weekly post providing little tidbits with positive, optimistic ideas and thoughts. I am not going to commit to such post on a weekly basis; I will however try to do something like that whenever 'inspiration strikes'

Make yourself the focal point: Start truly caring about yourself. Do things that make you happy. Don't wait for someone to come over and safe you from your misery. Be the doer not the dreamer. Make your life all about YOU (not in a selfish way, but in a self-loving, self-appreciative way).

Make every day your special day: You don't need a special occasion to look nice. Make every day an excuse to look nice. Put on your favorite outfit. Take good care of yourself and go out into the world with a feeling that today is the day when something really great is going to happen to you. Thoughts become Reality! Do that and see what happens.

Be kind: Kind to yourself, kind to the others, kind to the world around you. Kindness is one of the most rewarding feelings. Remember: what goes around, comes around

Love thyself: This somewhat cliché saying must become your daily mantra. Again, I am not talking about the selfish, "I'm-better-than-anyone-else" kind of love. I'm talking about doing what makes you happy, saying 'no' when you know saying 'yes' will go against your beliefs, waking up every morning and saying 'today I will have a great day – I will take good care of myself, I will be good to myself, I will have a positive outlook on life, I will not worry about any problems as I know they all will be resolved eventually…" By doing this and by spreading your positivity on everyone around you, you will become happier and you will feel better.

Make a change: So frequently we get caught up in our daily routines. Structure is nice, but at some point your life becomes an episode from the movie Groundhog Day, where the main character finds himself waking up every morning to exactly the same series of events. To truly appreciate who you are, where you are, and what you are doing with your life, try to dabble into different activities every once in a while. Take a class after work. Go out with your friends in the middle of the week. Visit a museum or a show on the weekend. Change things up – it’s fun!

Smile, laugh, enjoy every moment: Do I really need to elaborate on this one? J

Making my day a special one with this lovely outfit...

Top: H&M;  Skirt, Jacket and Jewelry: NY & Company;  Shoes: INC