Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Big Reveal

Throughout our entire lives we search for our pathway in this world. Some of us strive for overall perfection, some of us focus on refining specific areas in our lives, some of us try to overcome certain fears, some of us simply try to enjoy their lives to the fullest. We try different things – some of them stick, some of them don’t, we make mistakes, bump our heads on the walls, and through all that we gain knowledge. Throughout this entire process, life constantly throws us certain obstacles and perks, providing guidance by putting certain people on our paths in certain periods of our lives. Some of those people will simply contribute something and leave, some of them will stay with us until the end. Think back – can you recall how many times you have had a mere encounter with someone, which ended up changing the way you thought, the way you felt, the way you acted? Just yesterday morning a very dear family friend left a comment on one of my posts, saying:

“A life philosophy I try to live is "Nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing/no one to fear." When I feel those stabs of insecurity, I ask myself "what do I have to lose?" by saying something or wearing something or doing something. Usually the answer is "nothing." Freedom--I wish total freedom for you.”

I’m very grateful for this comment as these four lines of advice gave me courage to speak up. The thing is I decided to make a change, a change that was originated by my friend, who simply shared her personal thoughts on something she truly valued. She suggested I read a book that changed her life views, which I decided to do out of mere curiosity.

Please don’t get too intrigued – it’s really not a big deal! Just a personal choice, something I came to by reading a book suggested by my friend. All it is is that I decided to try a different approach – I decided to become a pescatarian. Nothing too complex – just eliminating meat products from my daily regimen. 
Speaking about people contributing to our lives by little gestures – a simple book recommendation from my friend ended up completely changing my views. The way it talks about animal products, their impact on our lives and everything that goes on behind the scenes in making them market-ready was so disturbing, shocking and painfully honest, it changed my entire perception on the matter in one night. One night, first 73 pages – that’s all it took! I’d like to emphasize that this is entirely my own decision, something I chose for myself. I do not want to judge anyone, I do not want to manipulate anyone, but I expect acceptance and respect for my decision. I don’t know if this decision will stick or if it will simply be just another phase that’ll pass, but for now I am doing this completely out of moral, ethical and health-oriented rationale. Right now this is my way of learning something new about myself and about the others, and this is my way of getting back on that right path. It may be one week, it may be one month, it may be a life-long change - regardless, I hope you support me in my decision! 

Thank you! J

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