Sunday, August 4, 2013

Break Away

For the longest time I have had this dream, this fantasy, of becoming a writer and truly acting like one, where I would bring my laptop to a local Starbucks or another coffee shop and work on my writing craft. I always found those coffee shops very inspiring and encouraging. So far all that's been is simply that - a fantasy. I think in over two years of writing, I only did that once, and I do remember that it felt amazing! However there is always something holding me back: I don’t have my laptop with me, I don’t feel like carrying my laptop with me, I feel weird about carrying my laptop with me… Today, I went into a local Starbucks shop in Washington Heights, New York, and saw that ALL seats were occupied with people with their laptops, typing away, doing their research, writing their pieces. I must say – it made me quite upset. So many times in my life I have these thoughts about “how cool it would be if I …”, and so many time do those thoughts only remain the thought and are not converted into reality. The saddest thing is that usually there is nothing holding me bad – just go ahead and do it! Take that laptop to the coffee shop and write your post from there, wear that extreme outfit and feel fabulous in it, let that person know how you truly feel and feel relief, speak up your mind in a meeting and see people start respecting your opinion more, and so on and so forth. The biggest obstacle is always my own mind, my own way of thinking – my shyness, my laziness, my not believing in myself, my doubts and hesitation. How great it would be to break away from those limiting feelings and stay free – free of regrets, free of fears, free of doubts... The good news is that at least I know exactly where those limitations are – now it’s time to make those dreams and fantasies come true…

The other day we went to Central Park and encountered a number of incredible street performers. I am always truly amazed and fascinated with those people – to me they are the best example of owning what you do and love doing, as it must take a great deal of courage and self-confidence to get in front of all the passers-by, block all distractions and fully give in to your craft. 

T-Shirt: NY & Company; Shorts: Charlotte Russe;  Bag: Christian Siriano via Payless; Shoes: via T.J. Maxx'; Sunnies: Missoni

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