Tuesday, June 25, 2013


As I was going through my recent photos and sorting through my closet, I made quite an unpleasant discovery: my wardrobe and the way I dress lately has become somewhat mundane and overall too simple. I have realized that while I tend to shop for the latest trends and usually would pick interesting, pretty pieces, they typically end up hanging in my closet for days waiting for a “special occasion” to be worn. Well, who said today is not special? And who said it needs to be special for certain items to see the light of the day (or night)? It’s time for another change, a change in my approach to picking clothes to be work on a daily basis. 

I tend to mostly go for my old clothes, the clothes I bought a while ago, the clothes of my “comfort zone,” even though there is nothing comfortable about wearing them anymore since they feel outdated and college-y. I guess it’s time for the second round of a complete closet wipe-out (the last one was held just a couple of weeks ago, but apparently it was not completed).

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