Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Things That Make Me Happy

Life is a very interesting thing. Sometimes it brings you gifts, lifts you up and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. But at some point after this euphoria comes the big downfall. And usually the fall from the top is long and painful. I remember when I was little my friend and I used to joke: “Who laughs a lot - cries a lot.” Funny thing, the saying actually turns out to be true. That said, it is important to accept everything that life brings you. I have learned that even the most negative and painful experience usually turns out to be one of the most valuable life lessons. As long as you hold tight and do not surrender along the way, there will always be the light at the end of the path. It’s also important to fight the urge to dismiss all the positive things you will still encounter along that rocky road, as a lot of times we choose to focus on what goes wrong. What is even more important is to always remain grateful, no matter how excruciatingly difficult and ridiculous it may seem – you have to always remember that at the end of the day life is on your side, and this is nothing but a moment that will pass eventually.

“Look on the bright side!” we keep hearing each other say. Sometimes the saying seems like the most frustrating and unreasonable thing; however, it is the key. It may take time to start seeing things in a certain light, especially if you fell too hard; however, you have to just give yourself that time. Remember – time heals everything. All that remains to do is put on a smile and pretend that everything is alright; and who knows, maybe it will be.

And remember, it’s all about the tiny little things that make us happier and get us through the tough times. Here are a few little things that make me happy…

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