Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let Life Take Its Course

Silly, but hopefully meaningful…

You go to a store. You see an amazing pair of shoes. You know they are expensive, but also without even trying them on you know they will be perfect. You buy them. You come home, put the shoes on and walk around your apartment just to see how they feel. They feel great. You take the shoes off, happy and satisfied, put them in a box, and continue your day-to-day routine, knowing that when the right event comes, you have a perfect pair of shoes to wear. Meanwhile, you realize that no matter what you do, you keep thinking about when that right event to wear the shoes out will finally present itself. Soon it does. You put on your pair of shoes, and go out, feeling confident, amazing and grateful for feeling this way. The event comes to an end, you come home, kick the shoes off and go to sleep. The next morning, you wake up with exciting memories of how fun the event was. You feel great about the way you looked and felt in your shoes, and you cannot wait for the next even to wear your shoes. Again, you go back to your daily routine, but the thoughts of how much fun you had and how much you want to repeat the experience would not leave. Again, you keep waiting for another event where you can wear your shoes, but there is nothing in plans as of yet.

In the meantime, you go shopping and you see another pair of pretty shoes. They are not as beautiful as the pair you got before, but they are different and still pretty nice. You buy them. You put them on, and while you feel good wearing them, you don’t feel as good anymore. You got spoiled. You have something different to compare them too – not necessarily better, although to you it feels like they are, but just different – and that impairs your clear judgment. You know that you won’t be able to wear these new shoes to a fancy party, the way you wore your first pair, but you try to convince yourself that they are still nice and they fit your lifestyle.

You know that the second pair is more versatile and you will have more occasions to wear them out, but you are still too attached to the pair number one. You know that it may take weeks and months until you have the chance to wear the first pair again. You know that while it is incredibly fun to plan and fantasize about such fancy events in your head, you should probably come back to reality and accept the fact that your lifestyle is simpler. What do you do? Do you give up the idea of something bigger and possibly better and focus on reality, even though you feel like it does not fit you and you are not as happy here, or do you keep striving, falling down and coming back up in your pursuit of something bigger and possibly better, even though you get hurt a lot in the process and you have an uncertain chance of winning? The decision is yours, but the right thing to do is to relax, step back and let the life take its course.


  1. this is your best writing to date

  2. Olga, you are very talented in writing!