Friday, April 5, 2013

Top Three

There is nothing like walking through the streets of New York to lift up any mood. There is something magical, something empowering and comforting that instantly rubs off on you every time you immerse into the never-slowing-down city action. Today it finally warmed up to the point when it was just comfortable enough to be outside and not cringe from the freezing wind and overall cold, dull weather. Walking through the crowded city grid, I was reminded again of why I made this decision to move to New York, why I chose a life in this ‘crazy’ city over a calm and somewhat prearranged one of the suburbs. It's incredible and absolutely fabulous!

Whenever I need to get my mind off something, there are a few spots throughout the city I like to visit, more so than the others. Since I work in Midtown and usually like to stay local, three such spots, within the walking distance from work, are shown below.
Oh, and for the record, I will never get tired of writing about NYC, so stay tuned for more NYC love!

Bryant Park
Bryan Park is an absolutely amazing city spot as it constantly changes its appearance. The park occupies only one block and offers different activities throughout the year (fashion week shows, winter skating rink and Christmas shops, summer Monday movies on the lawn, etc.)

New York Public Library
One of the most beautiful structures in New York City, New York Public Library provide great, calming atmosphere and welcoming historical interior.

Rockefeller Center

Perhaps my favorite place, Rockefeller Center stands in the midst of it all. Crammed between the always swarming with people  5th Avenue and filled with powerful business firms 6th Avenue, it is a home to the NBC 4 New York television network (among all other fun things it offers, such as amazing stores, cafes and bakeries, and the observation deck looking over the entire island of Manhattan and beyond). I don’t know what it is but somehow the overall atmosphere, or the mere realization that some of the best journalism occurs right here, is extremely fascinating. I guess it’s just a side effect of my overall appreciation and admiration of journalism and reporting worlds. 

xoxo Olga M.

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