Saturday, April 27, 2013

L.A. Life

Exactly one week ago I was sitting at this same desk, stressing out about the upcoming business trip to Los Angeles, CA the next day. While I was excited to visit a new city, to go to the West coast where I have never been before, I was at the same time terrified of the overall idea of the trip and the amount of responsibility associated with it. I thought to myself: “As soon as this trip is over, my life will be back to normal.”
Well, now the trip is over, I’m back to New York, and, believe it or not, but I actually miss LA now! I am not sure whether it’s the fact that this is my first ‘real’ business trip that made me grow attached or I actually simply liked the city, but I came back with very good, positive emotions and a bit of a longing.
I must say I didn’t really see that much of the city, as the only route I took was from the hotel to the Convention Center (which was 11 miles away and took over an hour to get to! Crazy traffic!); however, I still got a good feel of it. It’s interesting in a way that it’s actually very suburban but even so you still get the true city feel.
The trip has been a great, educational and motivational experience: so many lessons learned, so many positive experiences lived, so many mistakes taken into consideration for the future improvement – and that is exactly what I consider a successful trip!
{View from the hotel room}

{The restaurant in the back of the hotel}

{A red carpet event - all work-related}

{Downtown L.A.}

{Look who I met! Johnny Depp! Ok, it's not really him - it's an impersonator, but doesn't he look exactly like him?!}

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