Sunday, February 3, 2013

Speakeasy Dollhouse

It's fascinating how much New York City has to offer. There is always something going on - something new, something exciting... Last night, my friend and I got a chance to attend an amazing event, which made me realize just how much I appreciate and admire the world of art and creativity. Speakeasy Dollhouse… A group of people in attendance were transferred back in time over to the Prohibition Age of late 1920s-early 1930s, when sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol was strictly forbidden in the United States. However, as we all know historically human nature has never been subject to be easily deterred by a public regulation, and it is at that time that unlicensed establishments, or so-called “speakeasies,” were on its rise. This event transmitted the audience straight into that particular era and offered the real atmosphere of the time. Our mission was to uncover the secret of the Sparo family, with its outlandish affairs, scandals and numerous unexpected homicides. Surrounded by outstanding actors, we were all a part of the play, engaged in the world of burlesque surroundings and enjoying the ambiance of live jazz music, gorgeous interior design, and true 1930s fashions. The best part of it all, of course, was dressing the part…

Dress: via Marshall's;  Shoes: Franco Sarto;  Bracelet and Earrings: NY & Company;  Pearl Necklaces: via Feline's Basement


  1. Awesome pictures! That's what I love about NYC, there is always something amazing going on!

  2. Such a cute look. I love your necklace.

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    You look lovely here, and I personally love LBDs with red lips! Super sexy look.

    You are so stunning!


  4. Great to meet you at the play. Styling! from- your barber!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! The play was absolutely incredible! You and your 'crew' did an amazing job! It's so inspiring to see people do something like that, truly enjoy it and engage others in the action :)

  5. great post!