Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Creativity Strikes

Creativity can be defined in a myriad of different ways: some of us are great painters, some are great writers, some are great dancers, singers, speakers, great innovators, etc. It’s an amazing thing to truly know and understand what your abilities are, to believe in them and to be able to express them.
For me, I don’t think I have ever been exceptionally good at anything in particular; however, I’ve always liked to dabble into various things, just to try them out. Some things stuck (writing, styling, dancing), others were just one/two-time projects. However, no matter what the outcome, it’s the process and all positive energy that goes into it that really count.
A few years back, I found these pictures in Glamour magazine that I thought looked really chic. I wanted to have them as a part of my room d├ęcor, but they were too small to be showcased on the walls. My solution was to draw the pictures myself copying them from the magazine originals. As the end result, the pictures turned out pretty amazing and are now proudly hung on the walls in my room at my parents’ house. I think it is very much worth it to put in some effort into a random project to get a great one-of-a-kind piece. 
Do you have any interesting projects you would like to share?

{The pictures on the left are the originals; the pictures on the right are my reproductions}


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  2. These are great!

  3. these sketches are amazing!

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  4. Wow you did an amazing job! I love that you just took matters into your own hands, what a great idea!