Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Place

One of the [many!] things I love about New York is its overabundance of great, unique, and truly diverse cafes and restaurants. There is a place for any style, any taste, any mood. While I love trying new places, there has always been ‘the place’ whenever I moved to a different area. ‘The place’ is that special spot you like to go back to with your friends, family and by yourself to enjoy comfortable atmosphere, share a good conversation, talk about exciting or upsetting news. Usually a nice, cozy coffee shop does it for me, as I am a big coffee addict (gasp! I did not just admit that!); however, here in NYC I found this little family owned Italian restaurant in midtown called Mercato, which quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city. The first time I visited Mercato was in the summer of 2011, during my New York City internship. My managers took me and another intern there at the end of the program to reflect on our progress and newly gained experience. It was such great time (I accepted their job offer afterwards and I now work at the same company J), so every time I go back, I am reminded of how it all started. As an extra bonus, their interior is beautiful and homey and their food is exceptional. Talk about a win-win!

Sweater, Scarf, Bracelet: NY & Company

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  1. Olga, A life philosophy I try to live is "Nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing/no one to fear." When I feel those stabs of insecurity, I ask myself "what do I have to lose?" by saying something or wearing something or doing something. Usually the answer is "nothing." Freedom--I wish total freedom for you.
    Love, Madeline