Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

They say in Russia that “New Year’s is a family holiday.” Despite always having celebrated the holiday by in the circle of family and best family friends, this year I decided to try a different approach – to spend a New Year’s with my friends at a huge party in Brooklyn. The ticket was bought, [faux] leather leggings and a sequined top were prepared and the whole night of fun was planned out in my head. One day before New Year’s, the plan changed in a way that I was now going to a party at our family friends’ house before meeting up with my friends at the place in Brooklyn for the actual New Year’s celebration. Somehow as the night progressed, the whole celebration turned out to be a complete opposite of what I had planned – I never made it to the party and I spent an amazing and beautiful holiday with my family and our family friends. The night was absolutely fabulous – full of beautifully dressed people, superb food, and the fun of dancing, singing and drinking lots and lots of champagne.
This whole experience helped me realize two things: first, planning is useless. It is a worthless waste of our energy. We spend days and sleepless hours at night to create some sort of vision, to lay out some kind of actions for a certain event, and then at the end, things just happen they way they happen, and typically this way is the best one. Everything happens for a reason. Second, sometimes it is important to give something up in favor of traditions and family values, as those values and traditions are ones of the most significant things we own.
Another great lesson I started my New Year with was how important it is to stay true to yourself. Do not spread yourself thin over the first opportunity or just because you think something will make better sense to someone. In the end, you and the way you feel is what matters most. There is a quote from an amazing movie The Women that perfectly summarizes this fact: “Don’t give a sh*t about anybody. Be selfish. Because once you ask yourself the question, ‘What about ME?’ everything changes for the better. I mean, after all, who are you? What do YOU WANT..?” As one of my New Year’s resolution, I decided to make this New Year about ME. I decided to dedicate it to the things I have wanted to try but have not gotten a chance to for one reason or another, as well as to let myself be myself and accept myself the way I am. It won’t be easy but it is a start for something new, for something different, for something big!
Happy New Year, Everyone! May this New Year help you find what truly makes you happy, may it help you find love, peace and balance within yourself, and then everything else will fall into place! 

{My Mamochka and I}

Dress: Vivian Tam; Shoes: Steve Madden

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