Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hang In There, NYC ♥

What a devastation has Sandy brought on! I have been watching the news pretty much non-stop throughout the day, as I am trapped in my apartment working from home and unable to commute anywhere due to the suspension of the entire subway system. My head just starts spinning when I think about the fact that such powerful, independent, and self-motivated city as New York was completely paralyzed by the events of the past two days. As a true New York aficionada, my heart and soul go out to you, NYC!
Here are a few pics from last summer. It was a beautiful night full of fun and true NYC experiences. It was nice to dress up for a great dinner out, then walk through the night streets of the never-sleeping city, and visiting the M&M store was just a sweet candy on top. 

Dress: via T.J. Maxx;  Shoes: Ellen Tracy; Bag: from Russia;  Jewelry: NY & Company

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  1. What a lovely LBD...& with those leopard shoes, you look the best!!