Sunday, October 7, 2012

Burgundy and Wine

On one of the fall's beautiful days, I went into a Joe Fresh store on 5th Avenue and was fortunate enough to find this burgundy hat that just so happened to go perfectly with the sleeveless cardigan I was wearing that day. I am usually not big on hats - I mean I absolutely love them and greatly admire people who can pull them off, but I myself end up buying them and stacking them in the back of my closet. There is always an excuse not to wear them: it'll make my hair flat, it's too hot to wear one, and now that I cut my bags all the blame is always on them. So typically I try to stay away from buying hats and focus my attention and money on something I am certain I will actually wear (I know, how very economical of me). However, this time I just couldn't stay away.
To add to the whole matching theme that day, please note how the decor of the restaurant goes just flawlessly with my outfit and a glass of red wine is just a perfect finishing tough.

Sleeveless Cardigan, Shirt and Jeans: i Marshall's;  Flats: Boutique 9;  Hat: Joe Fresh

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