Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Memorial

And again I am one day too late for this post, but as they say better late than never. This especially is true when it come to matters of such sensitive nature. This post is my tiny little tribute to the horrible event that took place exactly 11 years and one day ago... I cannot even start describing the sorrow and the pain it still brings to so many people. A couple of weeks ago (when it was still amazingly warm outside) I got a chance to visit the 9/11 memorial in downtown Manhattan. The words cannot even describe the overall atmosphere at the site...

{I couldn't help myself but take a pic of delicious-looking pastry}

{at the 9/11 Memorial}

{I think this is the best way to pay tribute - water representing the tears continuously streaming down}

{also on that day - a beautiful little park in downtown Manhattan}

Jumpsuit: via Loemann's;  Top: H&M;  Sandals: Forever 21;  Sunglasses: Vogue; Bag: from Russia; Belt: via Marshall's

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