Saturday, September 8, 2012


You don’t even think about it… about what it used be – you adjust to new conditions, new places, new people, and soon you don’t remember what you left behind. You move forward with your life, you achieve new heights, you make it your home and you change as life changes around you… until you hear a familiar song, find an old picture or have a dream about a person you used to spend so much time with. That is when you realize that you may try as hard as you can to let go of the past, you can erase most of it from your every-day life, you can not think about it in long time spans, however, even though it feels that everything changed and you don’t miss it anymore you realize that it will ALWAYS be a part of you, and it makes you sad… sad and proud of the person your past shaped you in…
-                                                                                                                                                                                                    ---  To my very much loved home country  
With grandma and late grandpa after graduation from 9th grade

Karaoke with my cousin, Katusha, on her birthday

At a night club with my cousin, Veronika

With my cousins, Alina and Veronika

Cousin Veronika and I

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