Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Blue Dress

My casual Friday pick for today was this long navy dress, that I bought a couple of years ago at one of the discount stores (Loemann's? Feline's Basement? T.J.Maxx? I don't remember - I give up!). I simply love the way it fits the body - the fabric is heavy enough but very flow-y and soft at the same time.
To change up the background, the last three pictures are of the same dress worn in Philadelphia last summer. I switched the accessories this time, but the idea is still the same. This is what I like about this dress - it's simple enough that you can play around with various accessories and different styles.
{I though this picture turned out pretty cool}

Dress: Soprano;  Denim Jacket: DKNY Jeans;  Burgundy Shoes (from top 4 photos): Guess;  Wedges (from bottom 3 photos): Aldo;  Jewelry: NY & Company;  Glasses: Vogue;  Leather Bag: Stone Mountain

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