Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Killer Shoes

Unfortunately, by saying "killer shoes" I don't mean that they are super fabulous and amazing, although I think they totally are. Today by saying that I mean literally "killer" shoes. I don't know how it happened but just last Spring, a few months ago, I felt perfectly fine wearing them. However, putting them on today was the biggest mistake - they felt so tight and painful, at one point I almost started crying. Thank goodness, I was practical enough to bring my flats with me to work "just in case." So I changed. And if I changed, then you must realize it was really bad. I usually can go to great discomforts when it comes to my footwear - I usually just don't mind. As long as it looks fabulous, I can tolerate anything. Today, however, was a completely different story. Now what worries me the most in this whole situation is that since all my shoes are very dear to my heart - in a way that unless they broke or are seriously worn in, I cannot let go of them - I will have to find a way to squeeze into them. So here's hoping...

Jacket: NY & Company;  Top: Express;  Skirt: via Strawberry NY;  Shoes: Nine West; Ballet Flats: Boutique 9;  Bag: from Russia

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  1. Too bad because these shoes are really lovely!!