Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Killer Shoes

Unfortunately, by saying "killer shoes" I don't mean that they are super fabulous and amazing, although I think they totally are. Today by saying that I mean literally "killer" shoes. I don't know how it happened but just last Spring, a few months ago, I felt perfectly fine wearing them. However, putting them on today was the biggest mistake - they felt so tight and painful, at one point I almost started crying. Thank goodness, I was practical enough to bring my flats with me to work "just in case." So I changed. And if I changed, then you must realize it was really bad. I usually can go to great discomforts when it comes to my footwear - I usually just don't mind. As long as it looks fabulous, I can tolerate anything. Today, however, was a completely different story. Now what worries me the most in this whole situation is that since all my shoes are very dear to my heart - in a way that unless they broke or are seriously worn in, I cannot let go of them - I will have to find a way to squeeze into them. So here's hoping...

Jacket: NY & Company;  Top: Express;  Skirt: via Strawberry NY;  Shoes: Nine West; Ballet Flats: Boutique 9;  Bag: from Russia

Monday, August 20, 2012

Neutrals and Pastels

Contradictory to the bright red pants I wore on the weekend for a day of fun in the city, today's outfit is filled with pastels and neutrals. What can I say - sometimes a girl simply needs a color break.

Cardigan, Pants, Belt and Bracelet: NY & Company;  Top: Express;  Bag: Liz Claiborne;  Shoes: Alfani;  Earrings: friend's gift

Sunday, August 19, 2012

City Love

They say you have to live for 10 years in Manhattan before you can call yourself a New Yorker. While there are rarely instances where I do not support public opinion, I entirely object this idea. Ever since I visited New York for the first time, 5 or so years ago, I knew for sure that this is absolutely my city. Call me crazy, but more and more do I realize that I have some kind of kinship with this city. While I know well enough that nothing is absolutely perfect, I consider everything about this city just close to perfection. Nothing bothers me here – not the crazy noise, the weird smells, the messy, dirty corners, the strange people you sometimes run into – all of those things are over-weighed by its overabundance of places to go, things to do, and people to meet. I once heard that New York is the loneliest city on earth. However, it might as well be the friendliest, most communal one at the same time. After all, it’s like the half-empty/half-full glass of water – it simply depends on from what point one looks at it and what type of personality one has. As for me, the city itself is the best friend. It can be entertaining if you chose to see a Broadway show; it can be fun it you chose to go shopping; it can be educative if you chose to go to a museum or exhibition; it can be wild if you chose to go to a night club; it can be exciting if you chose to try a new restaurant; it can be compassionate if you chose to visit a memorial, it can be relaxing if you decide to have a brunch in the park, and can be so many more other things… It is the city that incorporates so many personalities and so many activities – there truly is a place for everyone. Everyone who can handle its busy rhythm and dynamic, crazy character, that is.
This weekend, my mom can over, and we had the chance to have the most amazing mama-daughter weekend one can have! From having a lunch at Dean and Deluca, to visiting the zoo at the Central Park, to walking through a street fair on 6th avenue that spread from 42nd to 56th streets, to having a huge gyro for lunch while taking a break at Bryant Park, to enjoying a cup of latte with the most delicious French macaroon at Bouchon Bakery, to buying delicious produce at Whole Foods and eating the majority of it on a couch in front of a TV while watching one of our favorite movies – the day seems endless, and the emotions kept growing better and better.
After all that, the only thing I can say is New York is a city where opportunities are limitless and dreams seem to be coming true with every move, every attempt. This is the city that will not leave you alone – it will keep you occupied if only you don’t mind playing by its rules. Don’t get me wrong – it is unquestionably not easy to live here, but I am willing to make necessary sacrifices to make it here – that is just how much I love it…

Cardigan, Pants and Earrings: NY & Company; Top: American Eagle;  Shoes: Bebe;  Bag; Liz Claiborne; Glasses: Missoni;  Watch: a gift from Aunt and Uncle

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Opposite of Wonderful

You know those mornings when you wake up in a rush to get to work and then you realize that it’s weekend? You roll to your other side, fall back asleep and wake up happy and refreshed. Doesn’t it feel absolutely wonderful? Unfortunately, today I had the opposite of such mornings. When my alarm went off I was so blissful I didn’t have to actually wake up because “it was weekend,” until the reality kicked in and I realized that it wasn’t weekend at all, not even Friday for that matter… Dismayed, I peeled myself off the bed and miserably headed to the bathroom. Luckily, a few minutes later, I was lively and back on track, courtesy of coffee and cool shower.
Back to fashion, though. Today, given my somewhat unfortunate morning, my mission was to feel pretty but relaxed. That is why my choice of outfit combined pieces of clothing that were comfortable and cute. Feeling casual and cozy, I spruced it up with this beautiful color blue and high heels. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simply Professional

There’s nothing like a well-tailored sheath dress to make you feel the most fabulous, professional self. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true - there are many other things quite as wonderful when it comes to dressing up for work. In any case  I still have a special place in my heart for this dress. It's well-fitted, but comfortable; simple, yet sophisticated. The best thing about such pieces of clothing as this dress is that you can both dress it down or dress it up according to your mood and circumstances. Wear it with some casual, generic accessories for a more professional, dressed-down affect, or dress it up by throwing a cool piece of jewelry or a fun pop of color here and there. That's the beauty of simplicity in items such as this one. 

Jacket: Express;  Dress: NY & Company;  Shoes: Jessica Simpson;  Bag: H&M;  Jewelry: via Feline's Basement

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gray Area

Mondays are always so tricky, unpredictable, and "gray" - you always expect them to either go by quickly and flawlessly or you expect them to be uneventful and discouraging. Regardless, I always feel that Mondays set the mood for the entire week. However, this is not entirely true. In any case, that is exactly what I am going to believe in this week, since my Monday was quite productive and exciting; and in case if my next Monday turns out to be an awful day, then I take everything I said about Mondays setting the mood for the whole week back.

Jacket and Skirt: Express;  Shirt: Loft;  Top: American Eagle;  Shoes: Jessica Simpson;  Bracelet: NY & Company

Sunday, August 12, 2012


It's been almost two months since I moved to New York, and let me tell you - time has been passing by so fast, we won't even notice how all the streets and parks will be covered in golden fall leaves, and sparkling winter snow not too long after that. To tell you the truth, I can't wait till the weather cools down and we are not able to leave the house without a  cozy warm sweater, cardigan or any other form of cover-up. Yes, the-biggest-hot-weather-cheerleader-me said it - I've had enough of the heat, and am ready for the sweat-less, refreshing days of the fall. Even more so, I can't wait to see New York in the fall, with its abundance of colors, scents and of course new fashion trends. Speaking about fashion... If you have noticed (and I'm sure you have, given that my last post was on July 15), I have been MIA from my blog for quite a while. Not because I stopped caring about fashion or writing (gosh, even thinking that makes me panic - those two things are way to close to my heart to be abandoned), but simply because it has been a big hassle to take photographs of my outfits during the after-work rush, when everyone is too eager to get to wherever it is they are trying to get to. So my friend (who used to take pictures) and I gave up, as after a whole day of craziness, we are always too exhausted to struggle through the crown of people. To make things worse, my friend, who had an internship over the summer, is leaving after next week, so as much as we could have tried to make our photo-shoots happen, we simply will not be able to anymore. However, after a month of not doing my blog, I found myself quite dismayed and lost, especially due the fact I am not the kind to give up so easily. So my solution (it's not the best one, but it'll do for now, until I find a better one) is to take the pictures at home. I know the photos are not as interesting and exciting as the ones taken outside, but it's still better than nothing. Plus if that's what truly makes me happy, I am willing to live with the fact that my work is not 100% my best. But I'll get there, I promise...

Dress: Armani Exchange;  Top: Abercrombie and Fitch;  Satchel: Steve Madden;  Flip-flops: Old Navy;  Earrings: from Russia