Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

With days staying sunny and warm, I am more and more tempted to go to the beach. Even more so, after having gone to Atlantic City last weekend and seeing their new hotel/casino Revel, which really impressed me with its modern décor and variety of entertainment, the temptation is even higher. However, I am a little too busy to go anywhere right now since it’s about time I find an apartment in NYC to be ready to start my new amazing, exciting job in mid-June.  While I can’t necessarily go to the shore, I can still dream, right? That is why I am focusing most of this week’s Weekly IDEAS on snapshots from the hotel taken last week.  Even simply looking at it makes me happy J

{The Revel in Atlantic City, NJ}

[home] Décor
{Inside the Revel – an amazing ceiling lamp}

{A very tasty fruit tart}

{A beach essential}

[celebrity] Style
{Olivia Palermo perfectly combines black, yellow and print. For information about items click here}

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  1. Cute outfit!

    xo Jennifer