Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

For four years, ever since I started taking the take to college at Swarthmore, PA station, I have known about Swarthmore College, as it is located right across the road from the station. However, even though I also heard about how beautiful their campus is, I have never actually been there. Today, college students organized a “Trash to Treasure” yard sale, and while we have not found anything there, since we were already there, we decided to walk around the campus given the opportunity. What can I say – it truly is gorgeous! For this week’s Weekly IDEAS I will provide you with some photos we took today at the Swarthmore College. Hope you enjoy!


{Pictures from the gorgeous Swarthmore College campus on a beautiful sunny day }

[home] D├ęcor
{A gorgeous historic arch}

{Huge lounge chair - perfect for a back yard J}

{Saturday morning coffees at Panera Bread}

{Beautifully accessorized mannequins at New York and Company}

[celebrity] Style
{J-Lo rocks a gorgeous summer-y dress. For info about items click here}

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  1. Hey I can't get over the huge lounge chair. Is it really that huge? Thanks for sharing