Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

Hello beautiful friends! I know, I have not been very dedicated and productive with my blog lately, but the thing is I just graduated from college, and I am waiting for work to start, so I have this month or so to just relax and not do anything. That is why even though I do feel bad about not doing so much anymore, I do at the same time enjoy not doing anything, recollecting my energy and celebrating receiving my degree and turning 22 years old - all in the short period of one week. This week's Weekly IDEAS contain pieces from different events that have happened during this week. Here they are

{May’s specials at Burlap and Bean}

[home] D├ęcor
{Birthday flowers are the best home decoration}

{Awesome sushi at Raw Sushi at Boyds}

{A cute new kitty-cat gift. Did I say it's very cute??}

[celebrity] Style
{Lauren Conrad wears beige to perfection. For information about items click here}

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  1. Cute blog!