Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Graduate

On May 10th, 2012, at approximately 2 o'clock I walked up on stage to receive my college diploma. I cannot believe that it's over... My graduation was on Thursday, and it was so crowded and wild there that I did not even realize what actually was happening. However, the next day (yesterday) I had to be at college again because we were running a Math Competition for high school students that day - my last college engagement. After the event was over, I left a little early so I could catch my train. I was walking through the same path I walked for the past four years, so empty and quiet now that everybody left after the graduation, and it hit me, This is it... No more classes, no more homeworks, no more pulling all-nighters to finish up a paper due next day... It's done. I officially am educated - a possessor of Bachelor of Business Administration. I started remembering my first days as an undergrad at Temple University. Everything seemed so unfamiliar, so uncertain, so intimidating. I had so many fears, "will I be able to make it?" "what do I want to be?" "what if I can't handle it?" And at that moment, as I walked through the now familiar streets of the university campus, that have become so close to my heart now, I realized that I actually did it! 
You know, I always said I won't miss college because it's just not for me. Well, I lied. I will miss it, I will miss every single things about - good or bad, stressful or exciting, boring or fun - because it is the place that has been my main focus for the past four years, the place where I spent roughly every day for those past four years. Of course, further on these sad feelings will fade away and I will focus on new things in my life, but I will always remember walking through that beautiful campus, studying with my college friends, losing my sleep because of the fear of the next-day presentation, feeling great when receiving good grades, and most importantly I will always be proud of my education. Life is so fast-paced - we keep running around, trying to get things done, trying to achieve more and learn more, and be more, but it is so important to find a moment to simply stop, look around, and thank ourselves and people surrounding us for all that we have done and that we have so far. 
Congratulations, Temple University Fox School of Business Class of 2012!
{On the way to graduation}

{Another chapter in all of our lives}

{Temple University Fox School of Business and Management 2012 graduates}

{I know you can't even see, but it's me walking down the steps}

{another step}

{Hallway in Speakman Hall at Temple U. Fox School of Business and Management}

{Alter Hall - the home to the business students of Temple University}

{Steps of the Alter Hall}

{The owl - Tempe University mascot}

{The Bell Tower}

{Graduation after-party at Raw Sushi in Philadelphia, PA}

{Very delicious Sparkling Cosmo}

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