Monday, May 7, 2012

The Final Final

I just got home from college, where I had the last final of my undergraduate college career. That's it. Now all that's left is graduation this Thursday. Exciting, right? Well, not so much for me. For the most strange reasons, I am so sad about the fact that I'm done! Is it just me or is it normal? 
It is especially strange because I used to be super-excited to be done school. I was one of those people who said: "I will NEVER miss college - it's just not for me!" Look who's the hypocrite now! About a month before the end of this semester it finally started to hit me - this really is it! And today, walking out from a classroom for the last time... let's just say, my poor sentimental heart... I still am excited about graduating - it's the not seeing all my college friends and not walking through the hallways that gets me. However, I know there are other better and bigger things awaiting me, so instead of moping around, I should probably start focusing on those. So I'm going to go do that now!

Jacket: House of Dereon;  T-Shirt: via Marshall's;  Pants: Bebe;  Shoes: BCBG;  Jewelry: via Feline's Basement

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