Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It’s funny how sometimes one simple thing leads to another and then another, and as a result you have this whole chain of random events and memories that bring you to some kind of realization or conclusion. This time it all started on Monday night, when I was watching Dancing with the Stars, and on the show they played one of the songs from one of my favorite moves Dance with Me. It made me want to watch the movie, so on Tuesday night I put on the movie, watching which reminded me of my days as a professional dancer, which was approximately 7 years ago but is still so dear to my heart it often makes me want to cry when I see some dance action and realize I am not a pat of it anymore. It’s one of those things where once you’ve tried it once it kind of stays with you forever. After I watched the movie I got motivated to dig up my old dancing pictures form Russia, which lead me to stumble across all the pictures of my childhood I brought from Russia, and that undoubtedly made me experience a bad case of nostalgia for all the things I did and was.

This whole process can probably be linked to the fact that my birthday is tomorrow. I feel like every year right before my birthday I get sad and nostalgic; I start remembering things and thinking of things I have not accomplished. It’s like you sum up your year, and more so your life up to this point. While I think it’s completely normal to feel this way, what’s important is not to stay stuck in this condition but to move forward focusing on your achievements and future goals. Life goes on, and there is always something new and exciting that can compensate for the other things. After all I believe everything does happen (or not happen) for a reason.

In this post, I just wanted to share some of those bright memories of my childhood and a give you a bit of my personal history lesson.

{Me and Vladik, my best friend ever from when we were born till approximately 10 years old, when we got older and started hanging out with our own groups of people. However, I still consider him my brother}


{First days of first grade - getting treats, courtesy of our parents, after the main school ceremony}

{First grade school New Year's celebration - I am the one in blue dress, which together with the beautiful floral hat were hand-made by my mom}

 {My friend Igor's birthday - it took a lot of convincing and yelling to talk the then-overly-shy me into putting my head on Igor's shoulder}

{My cousin Anna's wedding. This is my with my daddy}

{Second grade school New Year's celebration - I am the one to the right in the purple gypsy costume, also hand-made by my mom} 

{My mom, left, and her best friend, Olga (also Igor's mom) - a true role model and probably the person whom I miss the most here}

{My dance group camping in "Orlenok" - International Summer Camp for Kids}

{"The first kiss." A game of I don't even remember what, still in Orlenok with my dance group. (P.S. I was madly in love with this guy!)}

{In Orlenok with my best friend Katya}

{My dance group was invited to Greece, where we performed every night for a month}

{Lunch at our hotel in Greece}

{A real pomegranate tree!}

{BFFs in Greece}

{All the girls of my dance group in Greece}

{I actually did it!}

{Middle school graduation - some of the members of my class}

{Receiving my middle school certificate from the principal of our school}

{My middle school girlfriends}

Dancing - Through the years

The End. Thank you for your time!

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  1. This was such a lovely post :) It's really nice having a look back at our pasts and seeing how much we've grown and all the things that have lead up to this very day. I remember being a little kid and playing the first kissing game too! Haha. Childhood always holds the bests memories.... Thx for sharing!

    xx Ally