Monday, April 30, 2012

Exciting but Sad

I'm such a weirdo sometimes, seriously. Today was my last day of classes of my undergraduate college career (I still have finals, though), and instead of jumping up and down with joy, I was riding my train back home and almost crying! Why on earth something I've been wait for for so long would suddenly make me so sad? It makes so sense whatsoever! But this is just me - I always get so attached to people, places and events, that at the end of any of my endeavors I feel like crying, and it's been like that ever since I was a child. Any summer activity away from home, family getaway, or trip with friends - the next day I get home, I'm down in the dumps. Does anyone feel this way or is it just me (in which case, I probably should ask you for the doctor referrals J)

Coat: via Marshall's;  Top: Express;  Pants: via Bedazzled Boutique;  Shoes: BCBG;  Belt and Bracelet: NY & Company;  Necklace: via Macy's;  Bag: H&M

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

This weekend is the first one since my mom came back from her trip to Russia, so majority of this week’s Weekly IDEAS feature pieces from or related to her trip. 

{Red roses - a great welcome back gift}

[home] Décor
{A new member of our family my mom brought from her trip to Russia}

{Clay pots from Russia to make the most healthy and delicious meals}

{Simple and cute necklace}

[celebrity] Style
{Nicole Scherzinger looks fabulous in head-to-toe black. For information about items click here}

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red and Black

Of all the color combinations, I think that a combination of red and black has been, is, and certainly will always be classic. It's conservative, yet expressive; simple, yet creative, and I think it's the one of a few that looks great on pretty much any individual. Today, I decided to leave it simply at that - black and red, no more colors. Sometimes, less is indeed more. 

Vest: Guess;  Top: Ecko;  Pants: via Bedazzled Boutique;  Shoes: via Marshall's;  Watch: NY & Company  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost There

This week is my final full week of classes. While this fact is exciting (and a little sad), the frustrating part of news is that we still have classes next Monday! I mean, come on, who does that?! One day, seriously? Oh well, it is what it is. In any case, the countdown of my days as an undergrad is fully on, and with the way the time just flies lately, it will be in no time that I'll be sitting here, sobbing that I'm out into the "real world" for good... It is exciting and scary at the same time.

 Cardigan: Express;  Top and Shoes: via Marshall's; Jeans: Seven;  Scarf: Guess

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

Crazy, crazy time it has been. When my friends ask me: “How are you?” I simply say: “I am slowly but surely losing my mind.” And that says it all... Next week is my last week of classes, and of course, naturally, everything is due that week. I have soooooO much to do! But I’m still staying optimistic – I do actually kind of like such pressure, it makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. I know, weird… Here are some of the inspirational tidbits for this week’s Weekly IDEAS.

{Spring greens}

[home] Décor
{Our friends’ newly renovated kitchen}

{The BBQ season has officially been open}

{Lessons in color-blocking}

[celebrity] Style
{Gwyneth Paltrow features a casual but polished look. 
Picture retrieved from here. Information about the items here}

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miss NYC

I have to admit - I was going to wear heels today to school, but then I woke up, tired, and I said to myself: "I deserve a heels-free day!" Hence, the cute off-white H&M ballet flats I bought last summer in New York. That brings me to my favorite topic - New York City! Let me just tell you - I have not been there for 8 (!!!) months, and it simply is not healthy for me! Such long breaks in between visits to the best city make me go crazy. However, with all the college drama I cannot even imagine stealing a day to enjoy the beautiful streets of "concrete jungle." Well, I know I already said it approximately a thousand times in my previous posts, but I'll say it again - graduation is just around the corner (May 10th)!!!

PS: don't you think the title of this post is kinda cool?! I miss NYC AND I'm a Ms. NYC. I know, I'm such a dork sometimes :)))

Jacket: via Macy's;  Top: vi Marshall's;  Jeans: NY & Company;  Flats: H&M

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Of course, I do understand that weather people can't always get it right, but how do you promise for the day to be party sunny and warm and end up having a cold RAINY day?! We have Spring Fling at the university today, but I definitely wasn't "flinging," as of course, the trustworthy person that I am, I listened to the forecast and wore a light jacket and open-toe shoes. Needless to say, I was running through all the fun booths and tables of Spring Fling just to get to the next warm place (classrooms, Starbucks, train). I'm not, however, disappointed much - I have lots, lots, LOTS to do for school for the next (and last) two weeks. 

Pants, Top and Jewelry: NY & Company;  Shoes: BCBG  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Holidays

These pictures are from yesterday's Russian Easter celebration at my aunt and uncle's house. We had such wonderful holiday! It's so exciting that the weather is getting nicer and surroundings are getting greener with each day. We sat outside enjoying the irresistible sun, and had the most amazing grilled dinner (meat, shrimp, veggies), great wine, and lots of positive emotions and laughs. That's exactly what I like family holidays for!

Shirt and Top: Hollister;  Skirt and Shoes: via Marshall's;  Necklace: a gift

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

Happy Easter, lovelies! If you think it’s a week too late for wishing “Happy Easter,” my answer is “Nope, it’s not” J Today is indeed Easter – Russian, Orthodox Easter that is. It’s a little odd to be celebrating this holiday when no one else really does anymore; however, on the bright side, we do celebrate both holidays (and some years they actually happen to be on the same day). After all, this beautiful holiday deserves being celebrated as many times as one can. Now, time for Weekly IDEAS:

{April specials at Burlap & Bean}

[home] Décor
{Coffee, magazines and some fab sparkle}

{Surprise from the Russian Easter Bunny}

{Red nails and a cool bangle}

[celebrity] Style
{Demi Moore looks polished and chic in red, black and white. Picture from here. Information about items here.} 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday [no] Funday

Alright lovies, I won't be too wordy today. In fact the only thing I will say is that I'm still here and alive, but my pulse will need to be checked after this weekend, since I have to write four papers and do some work for my professional committee (plus all the errands). So instead of chatting and writing about something nice and sweet, I will end this post right here and get straight to my homework. Yep, another fun Friday night! 

 T-Shirt: Express;  Skirt and Bracelet: NY & Company;  Belt: Guess;  Shoes: Nine West