Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

I love spring! Waking up from dim winter days, nature fills up with virtually every color (hence, beautiful, colorful pictures for the Weekly IDEAS), the days are longer, the weather gets better with each day, and the anticipation of the summer makes it almost impossible to stay calm and collected. In this season, I usually get very antsy. And this year the feeling is especially strong since there is so much for me to think about. Graduation, birthday, finding an apartment, moving out, decorating the apartment (I don’t even have it yet, but I’m already trying out different styles and decors in my head), starting my new job… There are so many great things to come! But don’t let my mind wander away – there are still numerous presentations, homeworks and exams before I can attend to all those exciting things. So slow down, Olga, slow down…

{Beautiful spring flowers and my kitty-cat J}

[home] D├ęcor
{A very creative ceiling lamp made of brooms, boxed, plastic toys and other random things}

{Salad, steaks and red wine}

{A bangle I got over the weekend from NY & Company}

[celebrity] Style
{I’m loving this simple, casual and cute outfit worn out and about by Jenna Dewan. For information about items click here}

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