Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleepless Night

If after reading the title of this post you expect to read something intriguing and even dramatic as to why my last night was sleepless, then I'm sorry to bring your hopes down. There was nothing dramatic about it, I simply could not sleep because of this annoying cough! Sorry for such a depressing post, but after torturous 6 or so hours of sleep (or the lack there of), I just felt like I had to share it with someone. 
On the happy note, though, it's so lovely outside! I can't believe how fast the time flies - I feel like we just celebrated Xmas, and now the flowers are blooming outside! I feel like there are so many things I have to do in so little time. See, getting antsy again...

Denim Jacket: via Marshall's;  Pants and Top: Express;  Boots: Boutique 9 via Marshall's;  Bracelet and Necklace:NY & Company

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