Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Nightmare (Very Random)

You know those dreams that feel so real you typically need a few seconds after you wake up to realize who you are, where you are and what just happened? Well, I had one of those last night, and no less but a nightmare... in a way. It started out beautiful - I was walking through the woods; the day was beautiful and clear, and everything around me was green and bright. I remember looking around and trying to take in just how beautiful nature was. And then there it was - a bug! I'm not sure if I mention before, but I am terrified of bugs! And this one wasn't just there - it was right in front of me, and then somehow it crawled into my ear!! That's when I woke up, stunned and shaken. That's the thing about beautiful weather - it's wonderful, and I'm always so happy to see people come out into the sun and spend more time outside. However, there is a downside - unfortunately, insects happen to be of a like mind on this one. 

Turtleneck: Loft;  Shorts: Express;  Leggings and Boots: via T.J.Maxx;  Necklace: NY & Company

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