Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Gala

Every year around this time, our professional society at college throws a big Gala event to honor all of us hard-working students. I personally absolutely love that event - not often to we get a chance to truly dress up and socialize with our peers in a completely different atmosphere - the atmosphere of beauty and celebration. That is why is made me a little sad when I realized sitting there last night, that that was my last Gala (since I'm graduating this May). 
Here are a few pictures from the last night. 
{Preparations in process}

{Picking the right shoe}

{Running fashionably late}

{At the Gala}

{The ice sculpture}

{For the after-party we all went to the Ritz}

Dress and Shoes: BCBG;  Clutch: via Marshall's;  Coat: INC;  Bracelet: Express; Necklace and Earrings: Bulgari

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Nightmare (Very Random)

You know those dreams that feel so real you typically need a few seconds after you wake up to realize who you are, where you are and what just happened? Well, I had one of those last night, and no less but a nightmare... in a way. It started out beautiful - I was walking through the woods; the day was beautiful and clear, and everything around me was green and bright. I remember looking around and trying to take in just how beautiful nature was. And then there it was - a bug! I'm not sure if I mention before, but I am terrified of bugs! And this one wasn't just there - it was right in front of me, and then somehow it crawled into my ear!! That's when I woke up, stunned and shaken. That's the thing about beautiful weather - it's wonderful, and I'm always so happy to see people come out into the sun and spend more time outside. However, there is a downside - unfortunately, insects happen to be of a like mind on this one. 

Turtleneck: Loft;  Shorts: Express;  Leggings and Boots: via T.J.Maxx;  Necklace: NY & Company

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Down to Earth

With all the crazy running around from classroom to classroom and from meeting to meeting, wearing flats today was one of the best decisions ever made. I do love my heels, but common, sometimes a girl needs a break. Especially when that break is a pair of beautiful and most comfortable ballet flats. 

 Trench Coat: Kensie via Marshall's;  Jacket and Pants: via Bedazzled Boutique;  Top: H&M;  Flats: via T.J. Maxx;  Jewelry: NY & Company 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Color

These are the pictures from the weekend. I was going to wear a cute outfit today, but I didn't realize just how cold it'd be in the morning, so when I woke up I had to regroup and quickly find something new that's warmer and not worth being posted here.
I love how the color yellow can revive any outfit. It's just such a happy color - add it to any outfit, and it immediately looks fun and bright.

Jacket: Laundry;  Capri and Sweater: via Marshall's; Pashmina: bought at NY street fair;  Boots: Boutique 9 via Marshall's;  Bag: H&M 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

Another weekend has come to an end, and this one was filled with so many different emotions. Saturday started out with a stressful presentation I had to give at school, however, at night we had a family gathering so I got to relax and have fun. Today has been two years since my friend’s father passed away, and we all got together to remember this wonderful, amazing man. It was sad, but I think as long as we keep remembering a person they stay alive, at least in our hearts. Now I’m happy to be home, have a nice cup of tea, and regain my strength for another crazy week.

{My cutie kitty-cat J}

[home] Décor
{Beautiful and aromatic mirror piece}

{Salad in tomato “bowls”}

{Ballet flats that I’ve been wearing almost every day lately}

[celebrity] Style
{Glamorous stripes. For information about items click here}

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Professional Saturday

This past week has been probably the most stressful week of my life. Today, we had to present in front of judges (yes, on a Saturday). I get very stressed out before oral presentations to a point where I can't sleep and I can't think about anything else - I just obsess about what I will have to say in my speech. I do know that memorizing is the worst thing one can do for a presentation, but I just can't not try to memorize! I guess it'll come with practice.
The good news is IT'S OVER! We presented this morning at 9:30am, and now my life can go back to normal, and I am just so excited about that!!
Here's my professional look

Suit: Express;  Shirt: Tahari;  Shoes: BCBG

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wacky Morning

To be completely honest with you, I wasn't going to post anything today. But, boy, do I have a story for you…
So I’m riding to college this morning on the train, as usual. We get to the stop that’s about half way to college, people get off, it leaves the station, and in approximately 50 feet it stops. We sit there for a few minutes, waiting for the conductor to make some kind of an announcement, but there’s nothing – no announcement, no conductor. So we all keep sitting there silently for a few more minutes, and all of a sudden, the lights get turned off. At this point, of course, everyone starts to get annoyed, because no one knows what’s going on, and they wouldn’t let people off because we already left the platform (even though it was only about 50 ft!). Long story short – we ended up being held hostage on a train for about an hour, when we finally were told the engine broke. Finally, they let us out, so we had to walk on these gravels to the platform to switch the trains.  Then we finally changed trains, but this new train was also weird as it wouldn’t move and kept opening and closing its doors. Somehow, in an hour and a half I finally got to the building where my class was, and guess what I saw? People standing outside. Why were they there? Evacuation! I was so mad! Crazy day!!

Denim Jacket, Capri, and Sweater:via Marshall's;  Scarf:Anne Klein;  Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleepless Night

If after reading the title of this post you expect to read something intriguing and even dramatic as to why my last night was sleepless, then I'm sorry to bring your hopes down. There was nothing dramatic about it, I simply could not sleep because of this annoying cough! Sorry for such a depressing post, but after torturous 6 or so hours of sleep (or the lack there of), I just felt like I had to share it with someone. 
On the happy note, though, it's so lovely outside! I can't believe how fast the time flies - I feel like we just celebrated Xmas, and now the flowers are blooming outside! I feel like there are so many things I have to do in so little time. See, getting antsy again...

Denim Jacket: via Marshall's;  Pants and Top: Express;  Boots: Boutique 9 via Marshall's;  Bracelet and Necklace:NY & Company

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

I love spring! Waking up from dim winter days, nature fills up with virtually every color (hence, beautiful, colorful pictures for the Weekly IDEAS), the days are longer, the weather gets better with each day, and the anticipation of the summer makes it almost impossible to stay calm and collected. In this season, I usually get very antsy. And this year the feeling is especially strong since there is so much for me to think about. Graduation, birthday, finding an apartment, moving out, decorating the apartment (I don’t even have it yet, but I’m already trying out different styles and decors in my head), starting my new job… There are so many great things to come! But don’t let my mind wander away – there are still numerous presentations, homeworks and exams before I can attend to all those exciting things. So slow down, Olga, slow down…

{Beautiful spring flowers and my kitty-cat J}

[home] Décor
{A very creative ceiling lamp made of brooms, boxed, plastic toys and other random things}

{Salad, steaks and red wine}

{A bangle I got over the weekend from NY & Company}

[celebrity] Style
{I’m loving this simple, casual and cute outfit worn out and about by Jenna Dewan. For information about items click here}