Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is simply getting ridiculous! I know I have been mentioning the weather in pretty much every post lately, but seriously – it’s February 1 and 64 degrees outside! In Philadelphia, where it’s supposed to be freezing and snowy and disgusting outside this time of the year! I mean not that I’m complaining – after all I am the type of person who gets cold no matter how hot it is – but this is just scary.

Also weird, on this warm winter day, I keep thinking it’s already Friday! How frustrating is that?! I am constantly tempted to just relax and do something fun with my friends or family, but then I remember that I still have classes tomorrow and Friday. Well maybe it’s a sign that I need to pretend it’s spring break, put the books away and focus a little on an occupation I love the most – reading fashion magazines or sketching new clothing items while I have a nice cup of coffee and listen to the music. Alright, coffee machine, here I come! 

Sweater, Top and Pants: Express;  Boots: via Marshall's;  Scarf: H&M;  Hat: Aldo


  1. You look amazing in red girl!

  2. hahahah Can you imagine how warm is in Brazil, even in the winter?! And I love the cold! hahahahaha

    Loved your red sweater!