Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre-Valentine's Day Gift

It’s great to have people in our lives who truly love us. However, I think the most important thing is to love our own selves. Every single one of us is special and unique, and it is important to remember that. Having role models is great, but don’t try to become someone as you may lose your true self in the process. As for me, I declare this Valentine’s Day [tomorrow] to be the day when I decided to truly start loving myself and treating myself right. And to start it off, today I went out and bought two amazingly beautiful pairs of shoes as a pre-Valentine’s Day gift to myself (which you will definitely see, just a little later). Do you treat yourself to anything on Valentine’s Day?

Jacket and Necklace: via Macy's;  Top: Loft;  Pants: friend's gift;  Belt and Earrings: NY & Company;  Boots: via T.J.Maxx

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  1. Love this look!