Monday, February 6, 2012


I woke up extremely tired today. In the back of my sleepy mind I had an idea to just hit the snooze button and keep sleeping. There's nothing wrong with missing a class every once in a while, is there? After contemplating the idea for a few minutes, my responsible, reasonable consciousness finally overpowered my laziness and I got up and went to college. When I walked into class I was told that the class was cancelled! I always say my intuition always does me wrong; however, every once in a while I wish I actually listened to it - it's not so tricky after all.  
On the same note, at least I opted out for wearing comfy sweater and pants. My outfit was quite boring today but that was actually exactly what I needed. 

Sweater and Boots: via Marshall's;  Pants: Express;  Necklace: via Macy's

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