Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Angry School Teacher

There was the time, a very long time ago, when I wanted to be a school teacher. I would sit all my stuffed toys down on the sofa, pick up a piece of chalk and start drawing different math problems on a piece of wooden board my granddad would bring out from his garage. I remember it used to make me feel so smart and cool. However, the time has passed, I have grown more stubborn and impatient, and 10 or so years later I wouldn’t be caught dead teaching. Actually, the only dead-ones would probably be the kids who would soon realize just how annoyed I get trying to educate somebody.
For some reason putting on this outfit reminded me of my school teachers back in Russia. They always looked so well put-together with their pressed pencil skirts or trousers, flawlessly ironed shirts and tops, and their hair done up. If I were to come in for an interview, I would totally qualify! 

Red Sweater and Belt: NY & Company;  Skirt and Top: Express;  Boots: Makowski via Marshall's;  Necklace: gift from a co-worker


  1. I love, love love your outfit! Very professional and stylish!

  2. I love this look...total teacher style! Also great look for the office!


  3. Great and different ideas!

  4. love your belt!