Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly IDEAS

The first week of classes has ended and I think for the first time in the history of my college-attending I have not changed any of my classes! I usually keep tweaking my schedule until all the classes are reserved by other students, and I am left with the worst possible schedule. I guess having finally recognized this pattern in my last semester I decided to finally do it right.

This weekend, full of plans and ambitions, I was excited to wake up on Saturday and start getting ready for my outing to Philadelphia center city with CJ of Butters and Dash. Guess what was the first thing I heard waking up? The snowplow outside my window! It snowed! For the first time this winter (the last doesn’t count – it was embarrassing to even call that ‘snow’). So in an attempt to avoid city sleet, dirt and wetness, we decided to reschedule the journey for the next weekend. Well, we’ll see how that will turn out. Please, Mr. Winter Weather, be nice this time! 
For my Weekly IDEAS post this week here's a mix of cold winter experiences and warm vacation memories:  

{First real snow of winter 2011-2012}

[home] D├ęcor
{funky coasters we brought from our trip to Aruba}

{Grilled red snapper with grilled vegetables and rice – Aruban style!}

{Little skinny headband – great way to add a cute touch to an outfit}

[celebrity] Style
{Leather skirts are a great statement piece – they are edgy and feminine at the same time. Try playing around with different color combinations. For details on the item click here}

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