Thursday, January 26, 2012

Only in Philadelphia

So I'm standing at Temple University train station waiting for my train (which is late as usual), and I notice this guy a few feet away looking at me. I glance away not wanting to look awkward staring. With my side vision, I see the guys starts moving slowly towards me staring intensely. I get all prepared, thinking he probably likes me and wants to come over and start a conversation. Wrong! "Do you have a spare quarter?" the guy says, and after I confusedly say: "No, sorry," he moves to the next "victim." Awkward!

Anyways, that was just a funny moment, so I thought I'd share the story. In the meantime, I had one more shortfall today. The thing is that weather forecast said it would rain today. So instead of wearing my beautiful Franco Sarto booties (pictures 2 and 3), I opted out for my good old every-day boots (picture 1, also by Franco Sarto). Well, of course it did not start raining until I got home... 

Sweater and Top: Guess;  Pants: Motivi;  Boots: Franco Sarto;  Necklace: NY & Company

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