Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Very Own Fashion Slipup

Even though fashion is all about breaking rules these days, there are certain rules that should stay unchanged. The focus of my today’s post is my own fashion faux pas. The thing is my winter break was very eventful, so between Christmas shopping, New Year’s in the Poconos and a week in Aruba I did not have that much time to get ready for college (I mean, how important is it anyway?! Just kidding!) So last night, when I was putting all my textbooks and notebooks together I have realized that I forgot to buy a school bag that would carry all those books! The solution came fast – I decided to carry a bag I bought a few years back during my class trip to Disney World. Well, BAD SOLUTION! I mean, paired with a winter coat and boots, my bright yellow beach/shopping bag looked simply disturbing! Embarrassing… Well, just to somehow justify my bad [fashion] behavior, I spent the day looking for other people’s weird winter solutions.

Here are a few things that I personally find absolutely unacceptable (sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings):
      1.       Beach bags and winter coats (my own faux pas)
      2.       Parkas and ballet flats (I spotted a lady on the train)
      3.       Stilettos and backpacks (shockingly enough they are all over the campus!)
      4.       [Lady-like] dresses and sneakers
       And here I am, looking embarrassed and winter-weird:

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