Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Failed Talent

I wasn’t planning on publishing second post today, but I feel like I have a duty to do so. I dedicate this post to my friend CJ, who also has a wonderful blog (which you can check out here). CJ and I were sitting at Barnes and Noble café ones, sipping our traditional midday Chai Lattes, and brainstorming on what layout would be best for our blogs (since we are both beginners and are still trying to improve). Since I posted a recipe before, she asked me, “Why don’t I create a tab for recipes.” Well, here’s exactly why – my embarrassing but honest kitchen story.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of cooking overall. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I would try to put all my efforts and dedication into making something nice, but that doesn't happen often. However, when I am in the mood I actually truly enjoy cooking. So tonight, being in quite an artistic and creative mood, I was set on making one of my favorite dishes – Chicken and Cauliflower under Béchamel Sauce. The recipe is very easy: you boil your chicken breasts and cauliflower (separately) for 20 and 10 min. respectively. You cut them in small pieces. The you start working on the sauce, which simply requires melting some butter, adding a bit of flour to it, then slowly pouring in milk, and letting it simmer for a bit. Then you combine everything together, spread some cheese on top, and bake it for 20 mins. Sounds easy and quick, right? Well, not for me. In the process that a 5-year-old would probably complete in no time with no damages, I encountered four major shortcomings! First, when I was dropping the chicken into boiling water, it got spilled all over my stove (too much water, I figured); then, when I tried to melt the butter, it started splashing and bursting all over the place, so I quickly added flour to make it stop (it actually helped!); then, I poured milk in, and the sauce got all bumpy and weird, so I started mixing it like crazy to get rid of the bumps (success again!), and then when I thought my bad luck was finally overcome, I burnt my tongue, trying the sauce! That much for joyful cooking!

At the end, the dish turned out alright, so I was happy – happy and grateful that I was home alone during the cooking process.

I do realize how embarrassing that sounds, but I found an excuse for myself saying that cooking is simply not my cup of tea. So I guess that explains why there won't be a "Recipes" section on my blog after all J

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