Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Day of Classes

Just this morning I was talking to my mom trying to convince her how I won't miss college (I graduate in May 2012), and I am so ready for work. And now, after having had my last class of the semester, I got all sad and mushy. See, I am very sentimental in that way. I always get thrown off by little things. For instance, I wouldn't like my professor for the entire semester, but then when it's time to do evaluations at the end of the class, I always give that professor positive reviews. I just feel bad if I don't. I would simply feel bad for him or her, because no matter how bad of an experience the class was, he or she still tried. Same thing today, I was just walking off the campus and thinking that this is my second to last last day of classes (now that sounds confusing)... But anyways, it's not the time to get all soppy just yet - I still have three finals to go next week. So wish me luck!

Top and Scarf: H&M;  Pants: Express;  Boots: via T.J.Maxx;  Earrings: NY & Company


  1. Nice outfit!!

  2. pretty outfit!