Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye, 2011!

It’s hard to imagine that 2011 is about to conclude. It was a wonderful year with its ups and downs, smiles and tears, accomplishments and letdowns… But no matter what, it still brought a lot of life lessons, joy, and successes.

I always get a little sad as the year ends. I start remembering all the great things that happened to me during the year and all the things I have not had the time to accomplish, and I get this huge desire for the year to stretch just a little more. But then all these feelings make the anticipation for the new year even more exciting, as the new year always carries with it lots of hope, promise and new adventures.

Here are a few photos to recap the ending year. Don’t forget to write your resolution lists, and more importantly to stick with them… well, at least for the first month of January J
Thank you for all your support! Have a very happy and safe New Year!  

xoxo Olga

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