Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye, 2011!

It’s hard to imagine that 2011 is about to conclude. It was a wonderful year with its ups and downs, smiles and tears, accomplishments and letdowns… But no matter what, it still brought a lot of life lessons, joy, and successes.

I always get a little sad as the year ends. I start remembering all the great things that happened to me during the year and all the things I have not had the time to accomplish, and I get this huge desire for the year to stretch just a little more. But then all these feelings make the anticipation for the new year even more exciting, as the new year always carries with it lots of hope, promise and new adventures.

Here are a few photos to recap the ending year. Don’t forget to write your resolution lists, and more importantly to stick with them… well, at least for the first month of January J
Thank you for all your support! Have a very happy and safe New Year!  

xoxo Olga

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another New Year's Party

Last year we celebrated New Year's in the company of our dear French friends (thank you guys - the party was amazing!). Because this year we are leaving for Poconos and won't be able to join them in the celebration, they decided to move the holiday and had a party for us last night. If you remember we already started celebrating New Year's a few days ago, but I always say: "The more - the better!" We have to make sure to commendably end this year and be completely ready to meet the new one. 

Vest: Guess;  Shirt: via T.J.Maxx;  Necklace: NY & Company;  Pants: Billy Blues via Bedazzled Boutique;  Boots: via Marshall's;  Bracelets: via Feline's Basement

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Shopping

I honestly thought it was an urban legend that after-Xmas shopping is better than Black Friday's. Well, today I realized - it is so true! We went shopping to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick, PA, and it was amazing! The crowd was amazing, too, so I am completely exhausted after a day of pushing through, reaching for things and standing in extra long lines. But the results of today's shopping prove that all those efforts were well worth it!
I will not reveal all my purchases because you will definitely see me wearing them very soon.

Sweater: via Marshall's;  Boots: via T.J.Maxx;  Pants: friend's gift;  Necklace: NY & Company

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Saga

Instead of writing the whole Christmas tale, here are the pictures of our family Christmas celebration:

I. Christmas Eve
{My annual candle lightening ceremony}

{Forgotten under the Christmas tree}

{Photo with my baby J

II. Christmas Morning

{Unwrapping the gifts}

{Yay! I love my presents!}

{And my kitty loves his ;) }

{"Is there anything else for me??"}

III. Christmas Celebration
{Getting ready to go to my aunt and uncle’s house} 

{At my aunt and uncle’s house (Love you so very, very much!!!)}



Friday, December 23, 2011

I Did It!

Today I finally felt brave enough to get highlights! I have been dying my hair dark for quite a while, so I'm really excited to have it lighter. Me and my hair... that is a completely different story. The thing is I cannot commit to any one color or style. I keep going from dark to blonde, bangs, no bangs, short, long... The only thing I haven't tried is being bald. Hmm, well, maybe next time... Just kidding! 
Right after my hair appointment I had a work Christmas luncheon we do every year, and as usually it was incredibly nice! I love these lunches - everyone is in such great mood, we eat awesome food, we joke, we laugh - we simply have great time! So I'd like to take this time to thank my wonderful, wonderful coworkers who have helped me so much and who make me happy being at work! Thank you, guys!!!
After lunch I also got a chance to walk around the town of Media, PA. I love this little town - there are so many cute little shops with unique products, crafts, jewelry, clothes, arts, and so on. And this time of the year it is especially nice!

Dress, Boots, Hat: T.J.Maxx;  Scarf and Gloves: NY & Company

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday my friend and I went to our favorite coffee shop in Newtown Square, PA (Burlap and Bean – make sure to stop by if you are in the area – you won’t regret it!). Going there, I had a serious cravings for a bagel; however, once we got there I got sidetracked by all the other pastries, desserts and various sweets they’ve got. But see, the thing is if I get a craving, if doesn’t go away that easily, so when I went to bed last night I knew for sure that in the morning I would wake up hankering for a bagel. Sure thing, that was the case this morning. So it was totally worth it setting up my alarm extra early (now that I’m on winter break, anything with an alarm clock seems extra early) just to drive to Panera Bread to satisfy my craving. However, that wasn’t my only motivation – after breakfast I stopped by one of my favorite discount stores to find something to wear for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t buy anything, but I did get my mind set on a white Calvin Klein dress… Should I go back and satisfy this craving now??

Yesterday's treat: Apple Strudel and Latte from Burlap and Bean (Newtown Square, PA)

Today's Outfit:

Denim Shirt-Dress: via Loemann's; Velvet Leggings: Haines via Macy's; Boots: via Macy's; Belt: NY & Company

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to School

Today was an exciting day - I was able to see my friends from high school, whom I haven't seen in almost a year. We try to make it a tradition to get together at least once a year - it's always great to talk about where each of us is now and to remember the good old times... 

Sweater and Boots: via T.J.Maxx;  Denim Capris: Seven via Marshall's;  Shirt: Express;  Jewelry: NY & Company

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Style Combination

Today my day has been quite slow so far. I got really bored and decided to experiment combining different styles together. For this outfit, I put together girly and feminine pieces (short skirt and jewelry) with more masculine/office items (boots/jacket). I would usually wear something like this with high heels or more feminine footwear, but I think these boots add an edgier character to the look. Now I’m ready to go out and finish up my Christmas shopping. 

Jacket and Jewelry: NY & Company;  Top: Loft;  Skirt: via Marshall's;  Boots: via T.J.Maxx

Monday, December 19, 2011


I have been very into sparkly, shiny things lately. Whenever I walk into a store, my eyes right away catch anything that sparkles, and my hand reaches for the beautiful piece - be it a piece of clothing, an accessory or a house item. I don't know whether this obsession is temporary or permanent, but I decided to give it a shot and incorporate some of the bling-bling into the interior of my room. So far I love it! 

Candle-holders and Picture Frame: via Home Goods;  Candle: Laura Mercier

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early New Year's

This year, New Year's Eve came a couple of weeks too early. Last night, we were over our friend's house celebrating New Year's, meeting Ded Moroz (Russian equivalent of Santa Clause), dancing, eating, drinking, etc. The night was so fun I had to postpone all of my today's plans - I am not capable of doing anything but nothing at all.

Top: Michael Kors;  Skirt: bebe;  Tights, Socks & Boots: via Marshall's;  Watch & Earrings: NY & Company