Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To my Dear Friend S.B.

Coat, Jeans, Scarf, Brown Belt: via Marshall's; Boots: via T.J. Maxx; Top and Cardigan: NY & Company; Jewelry: via Macy's

You know sometimes in life we meet absolutely random people on our way who later on turn out to be our best teachers…

Yesterday, I have talked to this girl from my Business Administration class (I will call her S.B. just because I did not ask for her permission to use her real name, but I’m sure she’ll know that it’s about her when she reads this), who has been such an inspiration for me these past few months. We have simply taken the same class, and I will probably not ever interact with her after the class is over (we are different majors and we graduate at different times), but I will surely remember her for a long time and grant her my highest of respect and gratefulness for the confidence and knowledge she has given me.

She probably wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about, but sometimes even the simplest conversation for one person can be a life-breaking experience for the other.

What she did was she changed my entire perception of my dream of working in fashion. We were simply discussing how great this world of creativity is, and I said to her: “Yeah, I just wish I could actually work in fashion.” She looked at me like I was crazy and said: “What do you mean ‘you wish’?! Of course you can! Why do you even question it?” After she said that, she looked at me awaiting for a good, strong reason for my pessimistic approach to the matter. She really got me with that question. I mean I was stumped. I couldn’t even think of a good excuse. I started rattling about how I’m a Risk Management major, and I’m in Business School, blah, blah, blah. But as I was saying it I realized that the problem wasn’t that my major was not relevant to fashion (especially that I purposefully took a few marketing classes), it was my attitude to the matter. I mean, being a Business major does not mean that I can’t be active in fashion field. The only thing that’s needed from me to make this work is my downright dedication and simply following my passion. But instead, I programed myself into thinking that it won’t work out for some reason that I don’t even have! Instead of believing in myself (when everybody else actually does) I set myself up for failure from the very beginning. And my question now is “If I don’t believing in myself, who else will?” Well that was a good call from my friend, and I am limitlessly thankful to her for bringing me back to my consciousness. She is a true inspiration for me – she, who utterly believes in herself, and who is generous enough to pass her knowledge and experience on to other people.

I know it might sound strange and unimportant to many people, but for me it was a moment of realization, a moment that gave me confidence in myself and made me believe that I CAN do anything! I don’t like taking things for granted, so I dedicate this post to S.B. and thank her yet again for being the best motivation for my future goals!

xoxo Olga


  1. That's a great story. I know exactly what that moment feels like, when you open your already wide opened eyes again and look at things much differently... I'm glad you have a friend like that.
    Good luck!