Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mother's [birth]Day

My Mommy’s Birthday is Finally Here!

I have always been a big birthday freak – I LOVE birthdays. I think these are the days that should be dedicated entirely to us only. That is why I have a non-formal rule in our house: whoever the lucky birthday person is gets to simply relax and not do anything for that whole day, and everybody else is obligated to make the birthday person happy all day long. I just feel like that is the way to go – we all deserve at least this one day that is all about us.

Ok, now back to the topic. The entire train ride to college (which takes approximately 40 min. – ugh, I know, right?!) I was trying to think of the things I want to thank, congratulate, and celebrate my mommy for, but I couldn’t keep up with putting my thoughts on the paper – there is just too much to say. My mommy is a person who’s always there for me, who I am not ashamed to share any happy, pleasant, serious, crazy, stupid or embarrassing things with, who will always listen and try to understand before judging; she is a person who I can come to for an advice, words of encouragement, support; a person I can laugh or cry with; a person who is full of wisdom and knowledge; and a person who is simply my best friend for life! Mommy, I love you very, very much! Happy birthday!

PS: On my part, I decided to take the opportunity and have pictures with [not my] birthday flowers. 
Sweater: via Marshall's;  Pants: Express; Ballet Flats: BCBG;  Necklace: NY & Company; Belt; via Marshall's;  Bag: Stone Mountain via T.J. Maxx

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